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Accurate & Reliable Background Checks

We help you create secure work environments so your organization can thrive

Industry leading turnaround times

Standard checks are 7 years

Build a trustworthy team

Calm your fears and worries

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Why Conduct Background Investigations?

Increase Safety

Reduce the chance of workplace violence and harassment.

Prevent Losses

Minimize theft and embezzlement by identifying who have engaged in such activities.

Reduce Turnover

Identify transient employees and those with checkered work histories.

Prevent Fraud

Over 30% of resumes reveal some degree of untruth.

Enhance Your Reputation

Internally - "every employee meets our standards" and externally - "you must meet our standards to work here."

Hire Qualified Personnel

Make certain your new employees have the skills to do the job.

Manage Risk

Avoid negligent hiring and retention litigation; reduce your exposure to fraudulent insurance settlements.


Protect your company's assets, data and trade secrets.

Unsure of what type of background check you need?

These are our most frequently requested checks:
Criminal Background Check
Social Security Number Trace
Education Verification
Employment Verification
Motor Vehicle Records
Worker's Compensation History
Form I-9 and E-Verify
Credit Report
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