Fortier Substance Abuse Testing

Fortier Substance Abuse Testing was established in 1994 after Lee Fortier, owner of Fortier Loss Control Consultants (FLCC), recognized the need for quality independent administration of substance abuse programs in his growing client base.  Twenty years later, Fortier Substance Abuse Testing has served thousands of clients nationwide.  We have grown our services to not only include substance abuse program administration, but also background checks to further assist employers with hiring and maintaining quality employees. 

Mission Statement

Fortier's mission is to assist our growing customer base in protecting the health and safety of their employees and meeting compliance requirements by providing elite safety consulting and testing services. 

What Our Customers Say...

"High level of personal attention has always been a part of Fortier's testing service.  When questions regarding any aspects of testing have arisen, Fortier has given us excellent advice and assistance." - Debbie, Lee Company

"Newton Nissan and Newton Marine would not hesitate in giving Fortier Substance Abuse Testing, Inc. our highest recommendation." - Tad, Newton Nissan/Newton Marine

"They have provided us with fast and accurate results while ensuring our required policies and procedures as a Tennessee Drug Free Workplace are followed.  We are happy to recommend Fortier Substance Abuse Testing." - Peggy, Bell & Associates

"Their staff and Medical Review Officer are quite knowledgeable, professional and expeditious in their handling of situations.  I would highly recommend Fortier to any company large or small, who might be looking for either a new substance abuse program partner or to begin a program of their own." - John, Sherman Dixie

"Fortier Substance Abuse Testing is an excellent partner in working to maintain a quality, drug free workforce." - Tony, Stansell Electric